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Cast On - Part 2 Long Tail Cast On

So now to my favourite cast on and one that does take a little bit of getting used to but it's well worth it as it gives a nice looking edge to your projects and it also has some stretch to it. Now I have to say this is how I do it and it may not be how everyone does it but it works for me and I like this cast on.

Slip knot on one needle with a long tail 
When casting on for long tail cast on you only use one needle and you make a slip knot with a long tail. Now the yarn from the tail is what you will be using up to cast on your stitches. Also, it's a guess as to how long your tail should be. Of course it needs to be long enough to be able to sew in the end. Many times I've had to unpull my cast on as it's not long enough or too long.

Slip stitch on one needle with ball yarn over index finger and
tail over thumb
So now you will have the needle in your right hand and the yarn from the ball will be on your left side. You then sit the yarn from the ball over your index finger and the yarn from the tail over your thumb. 

So my left hand position is with my index finger on top and the yarn from the ball over it and my thumb below and the yarn from the tail over it. You can see this in the above photo. So I then move my thumb on top and my yarn around the thumb forms a loop you then bring the needle behind the yarn from the ball and through the loop on the thumb to form a stitch.

See how I bring the needle behind the yarn from the ball through the loop to form a new stitch
I basically just move my thumb from the down position to the top position to keep on creating new stitches.

A new stitch formed
So you just keep going until you have enough stitches on the needle for your sock. I cast on all the stitches and then just move them around. That's how I do my long tail cast on.

Keep casting on until you have the correct number of stitches for your socks

Hope this is helpful. Need help? Contact me.

Happy Knitting

Sharyn Mathieson
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  1. This is very interesting I have never seen this way of casting on I will give it a try... Thank you so much for sharing

    1. Thank you May. This is my favourite way to cast on and it's nice and stretchy. Have a great weekend.

  2. i don't use a slip knot, i get 2 stitches when i start as I just pull it down then back up & start the casting on, bit hard to explain but there are some very good YouTubes on the long tail cast on. i lay it across my lap to measure with most yarns have yet to master the tail length for socks though! always end up with too much
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks you for sharing. I can never get it right and always end up pulling it out and starting again.

  3. That's the way I cast on too and find it the best for me. Great instructions.


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