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Our First Pair Of Socks - Part 4

Sorry for being away from our socks but the weather hasn't been in my favour this past week and I like to be able to take photos so you can see what I'm doing. Also I've been trying to finish off hubs socks as well.

So for today's post we will be talking about setting up for the gusset and what happens next. So once we have finished knitting the HEEL TURN we will start picking up stitches along the heel flap. So it says to pick up 16 stitches along the heel flap, I pick up and knit into the back of these stitches. Next you knit the stitches from the next two needles, these stitches are the instep. Then you pick up and knit into the back of the stitches from the other heel edge. You then knit the 9 stitches from turning the heel. So when you finish you should have 82 stitches on your needles. So this is how it should look on needle 1 it will have 25 stitches, on needles 2 and 3 - 16 stitches and on needle 4 - 25 stitches. Once you have the stitches set up you then knit one round and that's the set up for the gusset. The beginning of the round starts in the middle of the heel.
Needle set up for gusset
Rounds start in the middle of the heel 

The next step is to start decreasing stitches so that you get back to the original 64 stitches. It's just a two row repeat and knitting on needle 1 we knit until we come to the last 3 stitches, knit 2 together then knit 1. You then knit across the next 2 needles which are the instep stitches. Then with needle 4 you knit 1 and then ssk and then knit to the end, this is your decrease round. SSK means slip, slip onto the righthand needle (slip your stitches knitwise one at a time) and then take your lefthand needle and put it through these stitches and knit.
Working on needle 1

In our next post we will be looking at how to measure our foot length and then it's a matter of knitting until we get to the toe decreasing.  It's all down hill from now on and it will come together very quick and you will have 1 sock finished and be ready to start knitting it's mate.

Hope this is helpful. Need help? Contact me.

Happy Knitting
Sharyn Mathieson
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  1. thanx for varifying where the round is suppose to start again, that helps heaps
    gorgeous colour too
    thanx for sharing

  2. Thanks Selina, hope it's all going well with you. Hoping to finish the sock over the weekend and get a post up about finishing the toe.


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