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Our First Pair Of Socks - Part 2

So for today's post we are going to be moving along to the heel flap but first off you need to knit the leg to the desired length. I've knitted mine longer this time around, I haven't been knitting for a little while and I was enjoying it so much I got carried away. Of course I could pull it back a bit but I don't like doing that sort of thing.
I knitted my leg length to 7 1/2"

So now I'm about to knit my heel flap, so I just want to clarify that your first and second needle will be your heel stitches and your third and fourth needle will become your instep stitches. Now when you go to knit your heel flap it's best to move the stitches from your second needle onto your first needle so that you are knitting your heel flap on one needle.
Transferring my stitches to needle one
Heel stitches on 1 needle ready for knitting
If you are following this pattern and using five needles you will already have your other two needles set up. And then what I do is follow rows 3 and 4 for the whole heel flap and I do just 32 rows all up, that's 16 rows for each row.
Repeat rows 3 and 4, 16 times each

Now of course you don't have to follow what I said, this is just the way I like to do it.  You can follow the pattern instead. Next time we will be turning the heel and looking at the gusset and how to set it up. I hope you have a great weekend.

Hope this is helpful. Need help? Contact me.

Happy Knitting
Sharyn Mathieson
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  1. couldn't see a round marker on your needles? do you not bother with one once you start the heel?
    a question; what side of the marker should we start our flap? I always had mine halfway along the heel, not sure if this is right or not? should i start & do the heel totally on the new round/row?
    thanx for sharing

  2. Hi Selina,

    I don't bother with a stitch marker until I've finished all my heel work, I will show you once I'm done. I haven't finished my heel set up yet but once I've finished I always start my rounds in the middle of the heel. I hope this helps as I wasn't quite sure what you meant.

    When I start the second sock I will be making step by step video's as someone commented it would be helpful.

    Have a great weekend


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