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My Sock Knitting Journey

Hi, this blog is going to be about helping those that want to know how to knit socks. I plan to share my journey and experience on sock knitting.

I have been sock knitting for many years and when I started I knew nothing but over the years I have gone from one step to another teaching myself along the way. When I started knitting socks I used 4 dp needles and a Patons sock pattern. That poor old pattern got used so often that I had to stick it back together. Also because I used that pattern over and over I became very familiar with it and practical knew it off by heart.

From there I went to circular needles and at that time I was knitting my socks using 2 circular needles and the sock knitting book by Cat Bordhi. I knitted alot of my socks using this technique. Then I went onto using 1 long circular needle and I knit all my socks using this technique. I also use just one pattern now and it's a basic pattern that can be adjusted to any gauge. It's a book by Ann Budd, it has other articles of clothing that you can make and you just need to work out your gauge and then it has everything worked out for you. This book for me is like the Patons pattern I used many years ago, I've used it for that long that I know the pattern off by heart. The good thing about this book is that you don't only have to knit plain socks you can knit patterned socks once you become familiar with sock knitting and the pattern.

You never know where this will lead you. I ended up by designing a couple of socks myself and who knows you could end up doing the same.

So I'm hoping this blog will help you on your journey where you start knitting socks one way but end up knitting your socks totally different.

Let me warn you as well sock knitting can become very addictive, you may find yourself collecting sock yarn and sock knitting books. I know I did!

Happy Knitting

Sharyn Mathieson
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